Fine leather masks, from
The Merchant of Venice 
'Roxboro' the Gargoyle
an award-winner
(private collection) 
the leather masks
Ryl Mandus 
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The Merchant of Venice
  The One-of-a-Kind Collection:
     ~ Unique Masks

"Unique" means "One-Of-A-Kind" -- and that means that no "Unique" design is ever repeated,
so please do not request a repeat of a "Unique" design.
'Snowbird' Mask
face smothered in iridescent glitter and the beak and eyes in bright gold.
The cheeks drip with tiny glass bead and fresh water pearls,
 while the crown and perimeter - trimmed with golden braid - erupt in snowy feathers,
as slender organza ribbons tumble from the temples.

(stretchy strap)
Price: $325.00

Inspiration is eternally accidental , . . . and can never be forced.
Glistening in dark steel grey,
this dainty mask has
vortices that sweeps off
the left temple.
(organza ribbon ties)

Price:  SOLD
'Caprice' Mask

The word "zany" orginates from the Italian name "Gianni" ("Johnny" to us english-talkers),
because this was the name given to the generic street clown in the old Republic of Venice. 
'Murmur' Mask
Deceptively shy in midnight blue,
bound in silver-dusted pewter.
(stretchy strap)

Price:  SOLD

Some of the masks in the Unique Collection somehow manage to name themselves.
The one below, for instance: 

'Midnight Dew' Mask
"Midnight Dew"
A face in shining black, adorned with tinry burgundy satin roses
eyes glimmering with gold dust as a tiny scarlet crystal glitters at the left eye.
(organza ribbon ties)

Price:  $85.00

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