Fine leather masks, from
The Merchant of Venice 
'Le Sacre du Printemps' Mask
"Le Sacre du Printemps"

(an award-winner)

the leather masks
Ryl Mandus 
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The Merchant of Venice

  What on Earth are Qatz??
     ~ Qatz
Forever I've been fascinated and entranced by half-human / half-animal creatures, so it was only a matter of course that 
I became an addict of Lloyd-Webber's Cats, and their sleek grace and hybrid sensuality.

'Cleoqatra' Mask
Her Most Royal Majesty,
in brilliantly gleaming antique gold ~
~ this felinoid Queen wears the
mystical eye-makeup pattern
of the Egyptian sun god Ra.
(stretchy strap) 
Price: $115.00

detail of Cleoqatra's
eye design
Detail of 'Cleoqatra' Mask

"Cleoqatra" can also be had 
in reverse colors of  antique gold on black, 
at the same price 
of  $115.00.
'Cleoqatra' in reverse black w/gold

in satin-finish black with antique gold

~~ And now, for the more elegant Party Animal ~~
'Venetian Qalico' Mask
"Venetian Qalico"
The Qat from old Venice,
ready for the romance and revelry
of the Venetian Carnevale.
In burgundy, white, black and antique gold 
with a patina of age and gold braid trim,
and curled ribbons spilling
from the temples.
(stretchy strap) 
Price: $135.00

- where beasts walk upon two legs and speak the languages of humans --

Other Qat masks will be coming soon. 
Nuova Venezia
, . . .

. . . where magic is real, but only if you believe
Welcome to this private labyrinth, where getting out again is up to you.

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