Fine leather masks, from
The Merchant of Venice 
'Vlad' Mask

Grim Ancestor of
all Nightmares

the leather masks
Ryl Mandus 
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The Merchant of Venice

  The Gothic Collection:
     ~ Somethings Wicked

 Bats are benefactors to humans and all plant life -- 
'Darkfall' Mask
Black and gleaming with gracefully curving wings, and its contours and eyes highlighted 

in dark silver, and possessed of a dark and cool elegance. 
(stretchy strap)
Price:  $90.00

-- the insectivores consume mosquitoes, and in their nightly search for
fruit and nectar the herbivores spread pollen for plants that would
languish without this cross-pollination.

'Vlad' Mask 'Vlad' Mask
Fangs and a disguise all in one, perfect
for the LARP mystery-player. 
(stretchy strap)
Price: $85.00

. . . with infinite patience, she waits for you, . . . .

Sleek and sinister in her
perfect symmetry,
the Succubus was designed
for seduction.  In shining black,
the brow's talons rise in
bright silver, their tips and
the 'eyelashes' dusted with
delicate silver glitter.
(stretchy strap) 
Price: $125.00
'Succubus' Mask

Conceal the mask's strap beneath your hair and the mask seems to just
hover over your face -- never let them see how the magic works. 
'Gareth' the Gargoyle Mask
A Romanesque gargoyle with a patina-bronze finish.
(stretchy strap)
Price: $145.00
'Gareth' the Gargoyle Mask

Frae ghosties an' ghoulies, an' long-leggity beasties,
an' things tha' go bump! in th' night
may th' Dear protect us.

auld Scottish prayer

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