Fine leather masks, from
The Merchant of Venice 
'Le Sacre du Printemps' Mask
"Le Sacre du Printemps"

(an award-winner)

the leather masks
Ryl Mandus 
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The Merchant of Venice

  The Blessed Court & the Dark Court Collection:
     ~ Masks of the Fae

Join us in the cunning game of Faerie Chess, where the Seelie and Unseelie peerage 
~ with their incomparable fae elegance ~
are endlesslessly engaged in a fierce struggle of intrigue and warfare,
for the domination of all the Fae.
~ ~ presenting her royal majesty ~ ~

'Gloriana' Mask

'Gloriana' Mask
~~ "Gloriana" ~~
Sir Edmund Spenser made her known to 
the mortal realm in his epic poem,
The Faerie Queene,
written in tribute to Elizabeth the First. 
Gloriana reigns in gleaming
pale and deep golds.
(stretchy strap) 
Price: $190.00

 -- where people, not quite human, cast spells -- only to break them again --

~ ~ A lady-in-waiting to her Queene ~ ~
 "Gossamer" ~ Fair 
'Fair' Gossamer may be ordered

in the colors of the seasons:
Winter ~ frosty: pearl/aqua/ant.silver
Spring ~ pale: gold/mint/lavendar
Summer ~ rich: azure/jade/bronze
Autumn ~ fiery: scarlet/crimson/gold

(stretchy strap) 

Price: $135.00
pictured at right is 'Summer'
'Gossamer' ~ Fair

-- where beasts walk upon two legs and speak the languages of humans --
'Gossamer' ~ Dark
"Gossamer" ~ Dark
A lady-in-waiting may also have

her dark and Unseelie aspects.
(stretchy strap)
Price: $135.00

~ "Nocturne" ~ 
The Prima Dama of the Unseelie Court,
Nocturne gleams darkly in the
moonlight in shining black,
her accents in dark silver.
(stretchy strap)
Price: $210.00
'Nocturne' Mask

'Una' Mask

This dainty faerie is delicately contoured and tinted, with glitter at the tips of her
antennae and on her wing-tips and wildly twisting brow-lids.
(stretchy strap) 
Price: $80.00

Nuova Venezia , . . .
. . . where magic is real, but only if you believe
Welcome to this private labyrinth, where getting out again is up to you

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