Fine leather masks, from
The Merchant of Venice 
Le Sacre du Printemps
"Le Sacre du Printemps"

(an award-winner)

the leather masks
Ryl Mandus 
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The Merchant of Venice
  Welcome to The Aviary:
     ~ the Birds

Phoenix and Carmine graciously welcome you, and invite you to join their court in Nuova Venezia, 
where things are not quite always as they seem --
An avain fellow with a strong

and proud beak, and sweeping
brow-lids that curve up and over,
accented in bronze and gold.
(stretch lace strap)
Price:  $70.00

"Jay" (above) and "Warbler" (below) can be ordered in any colors you desire. 
'Warbler' Mask
Tufted peaks and a broad and 

tapering beak burnished 
in bronze and gold, 
with wildly curled brow-lids. 
(stretch lace strap)
Price:  $70.00

While attending parties and events wearing these bird masks, it's a good idea to 
have drinking straws available so you won't dip your beak into your goblet. 

Recently I had the chance to listen again to Stravinsky's wonderful "Firebird Suite". 
I quickly realized with my original 'firebird' mask design I'd not done justice to the mystery, 
majesty and beauty of this fantastical creature, . . . 
so of course I had to remedy that.
'Mariushka' Mask
Because of Stravinsky and his music, the best known of all firebirds 

is from Russian folklore, and its name is Mariushka
A face dark and deep red, brightening into flames of blindingly rich gold. 
(stretchy strap) 
Price:  $135.00

You'd better hide all your Sparklies, . . . because here come the Ravens!!
Here is 
Raven Masks

'Corvus', the Black Raven "Corvus" 
The black raven, gleaming 

darkly with  purple and indigo 
overtones, has a strong beak 
in dark silver, and eyelids also 
toned with dark silver. 
(stretch lace strap)
Price:  $80.00

In ancient Celtic folklore, there is a legend of a maiden 
who turns into a white raven, . . . . 

In pearl white and frosted 
with a breath of the palest gold, with 
golden beak and eyelids, "Branwen" 
has a slightly smaller beak and larger 
eyeholes than "Corvus". 
(stretch lace strap) 
Price:  $80.00
'Branwen', the White Raven

-- where beasts walk upon two legs and speak the languages of humans --

Nuova Venezia , . . .
. . . where magic is real, but only if you believe
Welcome to this private labyrinth, where getting out again is up to you

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